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Chris Hughton says that he doesn’t have any special plans to stop Pogba


Brighton and Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton said that he is not making any plans to counter Paul Pogba. Manchester United face The Seagulls tomorrow.

Hughton said about Pogba, “He’s a very, very good player, there’s no doubt so we have to be guarded against that tactically. But no special measures. He’s capable of having a very good season. I think he showed that in the summer, I think he’s showed that in good periods at United.

I think he’s a wonderful athlete, can certainly break very, very well from midfield and I think what he has shown is a passing ability that he’s got. He’s a wonderful all-round footballer.”

Hughton also persisted on his praise of Jose Mourinho. He said that disagreements between player and manager is a very routine thing. Hughton said, “It’s just part and parcel of a manager’s role. Our main responsibility is to win football matches but around that you have to manage a team of players and there are good moments, bad moments, tough moments, easier moments. It just happens that some are highlighted more than others.”


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