Convincing players to join Chelsea is a “disaster” says Conte

Antonio Conte says convincing Chelsea on signings is a “disaster”.

Antonio Conte has admitted to being “a disaster” when it comes to persuading players to sign for Chelsea with club’s current transfer policy.

The Italian has criticised Chelsea’s transfer policy during the recent January window and has suggested that he does not have much say on who the club sign. Chelsea’s poor performances on the pitch recently have added to the pressure on the head coach.

Conte said: “I don’t know. Usually in my experience, I reached the best results possible with the players I have to work with. I think that I’m the type of coach who if I have a player who is 6/10, I bring him to an 8/10. If I have a player who is 8/10, I take him to 10/10. I’m this type of coach.

“My task is this and, for this, I’m very good. But I think I’m a bit of a disaster to convince the club to buy players. I think in this aspect I can improve a lot. I have to learn a lot from the other coaches, the other managers, in that aspect. I have to speak more with the managers who are very, very good at persuading their clubs to spend money to buy top players.”

According to reports in Spain, former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique is being lined up as a replacement for Conte.

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