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Cristiano Ronaldo Does Not Understand Pirlo’s Philosophy – Cassano

Cristiano Ronaldo Does Not Understand Pirlo's Philosophy - Cassano

Cristiano Ronaldo has been deemed selfish by former Italian international, Antonio Cassano.

Juventus lost 2-1 to FC Porto in their first round of 16 meeting and now they are in danger of getting knocked out altogether.

“I have always said, even though he is a phenomenon and has scored a billion goals, that with Andrea Pirlo’s idea of football he could run into difficulties,” Cassano said on Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel BoboTV.

“He scores a goal per game, it’s true, but he struggles with Andrea’s idea. He’s always been a bit selfish, he doesn’t give a damn about others scoring goals.

“He’s the kind of player that lives to score, not for the game, for the great match. He lives to score and in this moment the situation is getting worse. The years pass for everyone and he is having difficulties.

“The paradox is that Juventus have bought a player who has won five Champions Leagues but has so many difficulties in the Champions League.

“This is because, since Sarri, Juventus are trying to show a style that is different to its history. It’s clear that Pirlo must be judged in four or five years, but Juventus want everything immediately.”

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