Cristiano Ronaldo Will Not Leave Juventus, Confirms Sporting Director

Cristiano Ronaldo Will Not Leave Juventus, Confirms Sporting Director

Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be leaving Juventus despite some poor results recently, confirmed club director, Fabio Paratici.

Speaking ahead of the  Cpa Italia fixture against AC Milan, he told Rai Sport, “It’s an important game, like all the others. We have reached the stage of the season we’ve been working towards all year, in Serie A, the Champions League and Coppa Italia.

“All doors are open and we want to keep going, as this is the time to step up a gear. The club and coach have specific ideas that remain regardless of one game going well or badly. We have great faith in Szczesny, consider him one of the best goalkeepers in the world, so clearly exclude the arrival of any other goalkeepers.

“This is our 10th year at the helm of Juventus. Usually, eras run for three to four years, but we have been able to continually renew and renovate while also getting positive results. We are currently on track for all our objectives this season and the club is very happy. We have top-level players and tried to enact a generational shift without going overboard or changing 10 players at once, bringing in young talent like Matthijs de Ligt and Adrien Rabiot.

“Ronaldo to remain at Juventus? There are no doubts. We are very happy with Dybala, he is our Number 10, we invested heavily in him and of course, hope he can be Juve’s Leo Messi.”

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