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Cruyff speaks out


Dutch legend Johan Cruyff has criticised Manchester United style of play and Mourinho’s behaviour.

In a rare interview Cruyff made his feelings clear on the current situations at Manchester United and Chelsea. 

Starting with Manchester United, the Dutchman claimed Louis Van Gaal is not “playing dominating football”

He told Sky Sports News: “He [Van Gaal] doesn’t dominate. I like dominating football. Manchester doesn’t play like that.

“It’s strange that against strong teams they’ve got good results and with weak teams they’ve had difficulties. That’s a strange situation.

“But the results I think are second. The game is first. Money is very important but always second. In England they play different, everybody has their own style. A mix of styles is always good.”

Cruyff adds that the United fans can’t be happy watching Van Gaal’s football although admires their current league position.

“The most important part are the fans, that people going home are happy. It’s their time off and you should give them something to enjoy.”

Switching club, Cruyff then turned his attentions to Chelsea and Jose Mourinho in particular.

“He’s controversial,” Cruyff said.

“What I like about him is he’s always capable of creating good ambience within the players and what I don’t like is that he always puts himself on the first row. He should be on the second row.

“It’s probably because of his background, where he’s never been cheered by 100,000 people, or whistled at by 100,000 people. Maybe it’s because of that, maybe because of the interest from the press, but I don’t think he is educating children to play football or educating for life.

“He should behave better because he will be in the press all over the world.”


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