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Dani Alves takes his future out of his hands and says Barcelona will decide whether he stays or goes


Dani Alves has shed some light on the situation regarding his contract, placing the ball firmly in the court of Barcelona executives by saying it is up to them whether he stays or goes.

Adding to this, he asserted that, although he is technically free to negotiate a move away from the Nou Camp, he is not looking to move in January.

Upon his return from his Christmas break, Alves spoke to laSexta, commenting, “It is the problem of Barcelona. It is not my concern, I am going to do the best possible.

The news will sit poorly in the Premier League, as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea were all reportedly interested in an undoubtedly experienced full-back.

Barcelona, on the other hand, will surely be relieved that they still have the time to tie down a key member of their squad – even if only in the short term.

Given their transfer embargo for 2015, it would be contrary to sense to allow Alves to leave. Given the ongoing doubts over recently signed deputy Douglas and Montoya’s apparent imminent exit, Barcelona can ill afford to let an established and experienced member of their team leave, especially in a position in which they look dangerously unequipped.


Robert Middleton: @robmid4


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