Diego Costa: ‘This is what really happened between me and Conte’

Diego Costa has also confirmed that the rumours of a massive training ground row is fake news.

Conte also confirmed this in a previous interview.

Rumours hit every year that Costa has a bust up with a manager or player and it’s also debunked as fake news.

I outlined in and article a while back that the last time Costa apparently had a fight with his manager back in October last year, the same week The Foxes played Chelsea, then this year, same thing, the week Chelsea play Leicester rumour hit the mainstream media there was a bust up, very strange.

In a recent interview Costa responded to the claims:

“It was nothing,” he said. “People here [in England] make up a lot of stuff. Things happen, but I’m showing now that there’s nothing to it.

“I’m playing and scoring goals, and that’s the important thing. Everyone knows that anything I say has bigger repercussions than what it was.

“The manager is someone who works us really hard in training. He’s got his personality just like I’ve got mine and others have theirs, but the important thing is to show your personality in a way that benefits the team.

“This is what’s happening. Everyone is on the same page and that’s the way we have to go.”


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