Dier talks about tackle on Sergio Ramos

Eric Dier said he ‘put a marker down’ on Sergio Ramos through his challenge during England’s match against Spain. Dier made a challenge on Ramos in Spain’s penalty area during the 11th minute of the match. Subsequently, he got a yellow card for the tackle.

England eventually won the match 3-2 thanks to a brace from Raheem Sterling and a goal from Marcus Rashford. The win was England’s first of the Nations League and their first in Spain since 1987.

Sterling and Rashford shared plenty of credit but Dier’s challenge has also earned the Tottenham man a lot of plaudits.

Dier said, “I think it’s really important that we respect our opponents and Ramos is one of the best of all time, really. It’s important to respect them, but at the same time, once we start the game, it’s every man for himself and we have to put our foot down, put a marker down and be aggressive – still with respect, but we have to be aggressive, be on the front foot and show that nothing is going to intimidate us. That’s just as important as playing good football and all the other aspects. I think Ramos is a great example of that.

He does everything so well, but at the same time he puts his foot down and he’s not going to be bullied. We have to be the same way.”

Dier will most likely start for Tottenham on Saturday when they take on West Ham.

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