Diouf is at it again

Former Liverpool player, El Hadji Diouf, has once again made his feelings towards a certain former team-mate known.

The 24th November 2016 was the day former Liverpool captain, Steven Gerrard, decided it was time for him to retire. Obviously this news sparked a reaction from the whole footballing community with almost universal positivity, but one former team mate had a very strong opinion on Gerrard himself..

After news broke of the footballing greats retirement, El Hadji Diouf told Gerrard he was “nothing”. However, this wasn’t the first time Diouf, who had spent two seasons alongside Gerrard, had criticised the Champions League and FA Cup winner. “When I arrived, I showed him that he was nothing” he told SFR Sport. “For me he was a player like everyone else. He had to keep up well, and play as he knew how to do, but don’t go to the coach to report what happens in the dressing room.”

Diouf made it clear that he thought Gerrard was scared of him adding “He knows that I don’t mince words. He did not look in my eyes because he was afraid.” During the interview, it was unknown as to who Diouf was addressing in his heated rant, it was Emmanuel Petit’s questioning that Diouf unveiled who he was talking about.
During the interview, Petit actually interjected, telling Diouf ‘I cannot let you say that about Steven Gerrard, he was an immense player.’

Gerrard had his own say..

The midfield great wrote his autobiography back in 2015. Within this, Gerrard gave an insight to his audience as to what his feelings were towards Diouf: ‘It seemed to me, Diouf did not care about football and about Liverpool.’ Funnily enough, Diouf openly agreed to these comments made by Gerrard.

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