Eden Hazard’s Dad caught spreading FAKE NEWS!

Why did Eden Hazard’s Father spread fake news?

Who knows, probably to try coax a deal from Real.

Stay out of it Mr Hazard only trouble can come from it.

Anyway, Thierry Hazard (Eden’s Dad) come out and said: “What I can reveal about Eden is that he refused a contract extension. This was so that, if necessary, he could follow the interest of Real, whom he could see himself playing for.

“As of right now, there is no contact from Real. Eden is only one of the parties involved in his future.”

HOWEVER, Chelsea AND Conte strongly deny this is what happen.

IN FACT, Chelsea have held talks with Hazard over a new contract but are still yet to make him a solid offer. The club confirmed there will be more talks and an offer in the New Year.

So, Eden Hazard rejected a contract not offered to him yet?

No, Hazard’s Dad is telling porky pies and the mainstream media ate it up as always knowing very well what I just explained above, no shame.

There are not many of us left telling the truth and reporting real news.

And it’s only going to get worse in 2018, so strap yourself in for a fake news frenzy as the media will step it up next year to compensate for their losses this year due to fans no longer trusting any source anymore.

Journalist in the MSM will say it’s just speculation, but we all know speculation is just another way of saying “I made this crap up and derived it from nothing”.

Tsk tsk y’all, tsk tsk.


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