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EURO 2024 – All You Need to Know

EURO 2024 - All You Need to Know

EURO 2024, otherwise known as the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship or UEFA Euro 2024, is the 17th edition of UEFA’s international men’s football championship in Europe. The event has been anticipated by fans from different parts of the world, and sports enthusiasts are particularly excited about it being hosted by Germany – the three-time winners.

Important Dates

The 2024 UEFA EURO final tournament is planned to take place between June 14 and July 14, 2024. Even though the dates are pretty far away, fans are eager to buy the tickets and reserve their spots in the stadium. However, they will need to wait until October 3, 2023, when public ticket sales are planned to begin. Passionate fans are impatient to get hold of the tickets as soon as possible, and many of them are already making predictions about the outcomes of the games. Punters from different countries can’t wait to place bets on their favourite teams, including Africa, where fans can rely on exciting promotions like the BetKing promo code. True sports buffs are making strategies about the possible game results, boosting the hype behind one of the greatest football events in the world.

Ticket Prices

Even though the exact prices are still unknown, it is reasonable to expect them to be similar to the ones for the EURO 2020 final. At the time, category 1 was priced at €945, category 2 was €595, while the price for category 3 was €295.

Where Will the Event Be Held?

The 2024 event will be hosted by Germany, as it was decided by the UEFA Executive Committee during a meeting held in Nyon in September 2018. As for other interested parties, Turkey was actually the only other nation that bid to be the host. Back in the day, West Germany was the host of the 1988 competition, but this will be the first UEFA European Championship hosted by this country since reunification. On the other hand, the FIFA World Cup already took place in Germany in 2006. The finals will be played at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, while the opening game will be played at the Munich Football Arena.

The List of Host Venues

Interestingly, the list of ten venues that were selected to host the games during the tournament includes nine stadiums that took part in the 2006 World Cup, with the addition of the Dusseldorf Arena. On top of that, the Munich Football Arena will be the host of the second EURO sports event in succession, as the stadium was one of the 11 venues where the UEFAD EURO 2020 events were staged. UEFA has strict rules in place when it comes to the criteria for hosting a major tournament. Namely, the host needs to be able to provide at least three stadiums with a capacity of 50,000, three venues with a capacity of at least 40,000, and four places with a minimum capacity of 30,000. Luckily for Germany, the country boasts an admirable selection of such venues. Finally, the following section will present you with the list of EURO 2024 host venues and their capacities:

  • Olympiastadion in Berlin – 70,000
  • BVB Stadion in Dortmund – 66,000
  • The Frankfurt Arena – 48,000
  • The Cologne Stadium – 47,000
  • Volksparkstadion in Hamburg – 50,000
  • The Duuseldorf Arena – 47,000
  • The Munich Football Arena – 67,000
  • The Leipzig Stadium – 42,000
  • The Arena Auf Schalke in Gelsenkirchen – 50,000
  • The Stuttgart Arena – 54,000

The Teams That Qualified

The event has divided 53 nations into ten groups. In this division, seven groups consist of five teams, while three groups consist of six teams. Each team will get to play against everybody in their group, and the winners and runners-up will advance to the finals. As for the remaining three spots, they will be decided through play-offs which will be held in March 2024, involving 12  different teams. The teams are selected based on their performance during the 2022/23 Nations League. Below, you can see a comprehensive list of the ten groups with all the nations that qualified for the event:

  • Group A: Spain, Norway, Scotland, Cyprus, Georgia
  • Group B: France, Netherlands, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar
  • Group C: England, Italy, Malta, Ukraine, North Macedonia
  • Group D: Wales, Turkey, Croatia, Armenia, Latvia
  • Group E: Czech Republic, Poland, Albania, Faroe Islands, Moldova
  • Group F: Austria, Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, Azerbaijan
  • Group G: Bulgaria, Serbia, Lithuania, Hungary, Montenegro
  • Group H: Slovenia, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Finland, Kazakhstan, San Marino
  • Group: I: Belarus, Israel, Switzerland, Romania, Kosovo, Andorra
  • Group J: Iceland, Slovakia, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxembourg

Sports enthusiasts from different parts of the world can’t wait for the launch of EURO 2024. The legendary football event is scheduled to start in the summer of next year, and now that you know all the basics of the tournament, you are ready to follow its timeline once it begins.

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