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Bernardo Silva says he has become a better player


Bernardo Silva has said he has become a better player now that he is used to the style and tempo of his teammates at Manchester City.

“When you change you need to adapt to the club, your new team-mates, the way the manager wants you to play,” he told Sky Sports. “It’s one more season so I am used to playing here, I am confident, I feel a better player because I have learned so much over the last year-and-a-half with my team-mates, the staff and the manager. I think I am a better player than when I first arrived at Manchester City.

“You know when you arrive at one of the best clubs in the world it won’t be easy to play. The amazing players that we have in our squad, you cannot play all the games, it’s impossible. I wanted to come here but I knew it wouldn’t be easy to start straightaway in the team and play all the games. Now I am feeling good and helping the team and doing better than last season and I am happy with it. I want to keep going in the same way.”

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