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Henry hails KDB as best in the world

Henry hails KDB as best in the world

Kevin De Bruyne has been the midfielder in England. Wait, he has been the best in the world in the last few years.

He had a brilliant season in 2017-18. In 2018-19, he was out but has come back with all guns blazing in 2019-20. He has done brilliant, according to Henry.

“He’s an amazing player, it’s just stupid what we are witnessing and I hope people in football do realize that the boy is just not normal.

“His brain is somewhere else, it’s just ridiculous and I came across him and worked with him and he’s one of those guys you just have to let play because if you start to understand and comprehend what he’s doing, you’re going to have a headache. He’s on another planet.

“I have a little message for Kevin De Bruyne… first and foremost, in the national team we used to joke about the assists record and I always used to say: ‘You were not far this year,’ and he would always say: ‘I’ll get you one day.’ He saw me at Vincent Kompany’s testimonial and he said: ‘This year, I’ll get you,’ and I said: ‘You will because you are just incredible.'”

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