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Bradford City AFC (Bradford City Association Football Club) is a team that currently plays in the League One, having played in the League Two and gaining promotion through Play Offs in 2013. The club was founded in the year 1903 and were recognised as Football League member in 1920. They are also known as The Bantams or simply just Bradford. The club spent 77 years outside the top flight until promotion to the Premier League. After relegation from the Premier League came the decent two top-half finishes, but the club were relegated for a third time in seven seasons in 2006 -2007. Since formation of the Bantams have played in only one stadium in their entire history, Valley Parade. On 11 May 1985, the stadium experienced an fire disaster which painfully took the lives of 56 supporters. Valley Parade stadium holds a capacity of over 25,000 seats.

Bradford City titles

The club's home colours are claret and amber for shirts and shorts as well as for stockings. The Bantams have won the FA Cup - their only major trophy in their history. They have also won the Third Division and Fourth Division League titles. The Bantams aren't considered to be big team considering them in terms of trophies and achievements. Domestically, Bradford City has won: Secind Division / Championship titles: 1 Third Division / Football League One titles: 1 Northern Football League Third Division titles: 1 In international club football, Bantams: Just like many other League One clubs, B City has never appeared in the European football since the club's inception. Bradford City transfer news Bradford City players transfer news is very active for a League One side. The Bantams have signed 14 players and have loaned in 5 players in the recent transfer windows. They have sold or released about 7 players in the process. The club is doing a lot to improve and have any control over their transfer business game to go further in the English league.

Bradford City transfer rumours

There is always news and rumours when it comes to The Bantams. The English gossip press is even starting up with their rumours and exclusive news they say are dug out. Their record signing was David Hopkins for 2.5 million from Leeds United in 2000. There are usually several pages with  Bradford City transfer rumours on the internet and in the newspapers and there is nothing to write about if the newspapers usually find news. If it's not credible news, it's usually rumours that they've taken from the air and the Internet.

Bradford City stream

The Bantams are widely supported across the Metropolitan county of West Yorkshire in England. Bantams fans consider their main rivals to be Leeds United. Bantams also share fierce rivalry with Huddersfield Town. There are many fans who want to see their club get on a good track and compete on a top level. Bradford City live stream online free  is some thing that is interesting to many. There are many sites to stream Bradford City.

Bradford City game schedule

Fixtures Bradford City ? The League One is determined after playing 46 game weeks from August to May. That means 46 matches per season only in the league are taken into equation. Then they also play the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup which makes it easy to get around 50 or 60 matches in a season. Therefore,  Bradford City fixtures are very packed and it is often possible to play two or three matches within a week's time. The competition season offers very many matches and then you can also add training cups and various Pre Season competitions. When it comes to  Bantams fixtures and schedule , it's possible to see when the team is playing their next match in League One's game schedule.

Bradford City match today ?

It's easy to find when the Bantams is playing his next match. It is often said that they play on Saturdays when it comes to league games. Luckily, the Bantams sometimes play against the English big boys in the cup competitions. To be absolutely sure we have collected all the matches in one and the same place.

Bradford City Champions League and Europe League

As mentioned above - the club has never appeared in the European football since the club's inception. It seems like they will need to improve a lot and hope that the club gets promoted.

Bradford City next game

What match is the next in League One game program? There are many fans who want to see the team play because of many reasons. They have many young stars in the squad capable of playing attractive style of football. But next match in the league match at Bantams fixtures, they aren't favourites to win certainly though.

Bradford City lineup

As we mentioned above,  Bradford City's lineup and starting line up is full of young stars. The team's latest manager, especially Simon Grayson, and likes to work closely with his team. Looking at players and squad, they have many young and talented players and most of them being British talents. Grayson likes to play with a lineup with the 4-4-1-1 and 4-4-2 formations.

Bradford City news

The news around this English club is pretty active. Today, they may not be challenging some of the world's biggest football clubs, but the news about the The Bantams Club is getting big and better for a good cause. If we look at Bantams' payroll, they will undoubtedly pay some of the lowest in Europe. If you only look at the wages, they are not very high. However, the bonus system is allowed here, which means that players reach up to high sums fairly quickly. This to get around the  FIFA Financial Fair Play .

Bradford City latest news

Bradford City news  is often about game purchases, but it is also very interesting about other parts. It is especially information about Bradford City tickets , shirts and  match kit  as it is written. There are also many who are looking for a logo or wallpaper to have on their mobile or tablets. Click to go to Bradford City's official shop ,  Twitter account  and webpage .