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Mata’s United admission

Mata's United admission

It is no longer a secret that Manchester United are going through a rough patch. The Red Devils are in a phase of transition where they are inducting some young blood into the team.

And club senior Juan Mata has admitted they must make a better effort to help the juniors in the team settle down.

“We have young players coming through and sometimes I see myself in them,” Mata told Sky Sports.

“I remember when I was at Valencia at 18 or 19 years old, I had some difficult moments because I didn’t play a lot in the beginning but I had some older players helping me.

“That’s what I think experienced players have to do with young players.

“They have, hopefully, many years to grow as a player and many games to enjoy their football at this club and we as older players we are here to help them.”

“I think every club is improving and clubs like Leicester are recruiting really well and they have very good players that can take them to a different level,” Mata added.

“Football is more difficult now because every club is growing a lot so it’s more competitive and every club is able to sign good players. So you have to be better every single season to try and reach your aims.”

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