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Merson lamblasts regressing Guardiola

Merson lamblasts regressing Guardiola

Manchester City collected a 198 points in the last two seasons in the Premier League.

This was a record haul of points for any team in the Premier League in a span of two seasons. However, they are in danger of being caught out, by a rampaging Liverpool team who collected 97 points last season and have picked up 73 out of 75 points this season.

City meanwhile have dropped a massive 22 points this season already and Guardiola, many fear, is losing his touch.

Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson has certainly made it clear what he thinks of Pep’s team and how the Spaniard is no longer in the prime of his game.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “They’re 22 points behind.

“Let’s be honest, he’s the only manager in the world who can get away with it because he’s the best manager in the world.

“How is he the best manager in the world if he is 22 points behind?

“What Klopp has done, he’s gone that way (forward). He’s brought extra players in. That team hasn’t been the same, he’s gone forward. Man City haven’t, have they?

“We all knew they needed a center-back when Kompany went. “

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