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Silva praised by fellow Spaniards

Silva praised by fellow Spaniards

Spanish legends Xavi and David Villa have praised David Silva.

“I’ve been able to enjoy playing alongside him for many years at Valencia and for Spain,” said former Valencia, Barcelona and Spain star David Villa.

“He’s the kind of player that with the ball at his feet, a striker knows the killer pass could come at any second. And you have to be ready for it.

“A terrifying talent for a striker like myself to have behind them.

“I think he’s a lad who’s got a mental toughness. He doesn’t get intimidated, he’s got a lot of character about him.

“And despite being so young, his character helped him take on a huge responsibility in a team like Valencia.

“For me, his greatest talent as a footballer is this: he lifts the performance of everyone on the pitch. And that’s a huge talent to have.

“He’s got a great pass, great movement in the final third, an eye for goal, And, I’ve been lucky enough to play alongside him and enjoy his football.

“A legendary footballer.”

Even Xavi was full of praise for the Spaniard.

“David Silva is one of the most talented players that Spain has ever produced – without a shadow of a doubt

“He’s a spectacular footballer! He has been throughout his entire career.

“Right from when he played for Eibar and Celta, and when he went back to Valencia.

“For the national team he has been a cornerstone, of that generation of highly talented Spanish footballers.

“That went on to win the European Championship, the World Cup and then a second European title is remarkable.

“David was a vital component and absolutely essential to that team.”

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