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Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas: After the heart attack, I was afraid to go to sleep

Casillas After the heart attack I was afraid to go to sleep

A year ago, the Casillas family suffered two accidents.

He suffered a heart attack during training in Porto, after which his wife and sports journalist Sara Carbonero discovered that she had an ovarian tumor. Fortunately, Iker managed to recover completely and Sarah was operated successfully and is feeling well.

Meanwhile, the legendary goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team decided to run for president of the Spanish Federation while working as a goalkeeping coach in Porto.

“Since the heart attack, some things have changed in our lives, especially in our heads. At every turn, we began to give them more attention and value. “I started to look at life differently, because sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have and we don’t believe we can make other people happy,” Casillas told the club’s website.

“After a heart attack a month ago, I was scared to go to bed, sleep and exercise. It was very difficult and I felt sad. However, it is different now and I am fine. I listen to the doctors and only they can say what I can and what I can do, “said Casillas, 38.

The famous goalkeeper has played 725 games for Real and has won 24 trophies in his career, five of which are La Liga, three Champions Leagues, two European and one World Cup.

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