Alisson reveals relation between Man City and Liverpool players

Alisson reveals relation between Man City and Liverpool players

Liverpool and Manchester City’s Brazilian players

The 26-year-old said: “I have a good relationship, not only with Alisson (Becker) but also with (Roberto) Firmino and Fabinho.

“When we have a day off in the same day, we sometimes gather, we have a barbecue. It’s difficult with our routine and the amount of games to have the same day off, but we have done it a few times before. Our rivalry is only on the pitch.”

He said: “We know the gap is big, but we need to carry on with our job. We need to keep giving our best on the pitch, trying to win game by game.

“We know it’s going to be very difficult – Liverpool are having a great season – but in football anything can happen. We need to be ready for any outcome.”

He said: “I’m the type of player that only focus on my team. Obviously, at the last stages of the season, you also focus on the other contenders for the title race, but there is still a lot of the championship left.

“I’m a player that usually focus on my team, try to give the best for my team-mates, and I don’t look much at what the other teams do.”

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