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Beckham reveals England dream

Beckham reveals England dream

England superstar and former Manchester United star David Beckham has revealed his desire to manage England one day.

When asked if he had ever considered managing old club United, he told GQ: “I think some people within the FA saw me possibly as a future England manager, just because maybe I had had a successful career being England captain.

“If someone turned around to me and said, ‘If the England job came up, would you take it?’, I mean, of course I would think about it, because I’m a passionate Englishman and I’m passionate about our national side, but would I be any good at it? Who knows?”

“It’s a dream job, but Gareth is doing the most incredible job for us right now. He’s brought energy and excitement back into the game and the fans – myself included – are enjoying that.”

Beckham was one of England’s most famous and talented players in their golden era last decade. However, his team was also blamed for failing to win a single piece of silverware despite having a team which many considered the best in the world at that time. Do you think he will do better as a manager than he did as their captain?

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