Bruce insists Newcastle themselves caused their short winter break

Bruce insists Newcastle themselves caused their short winter break

Newcastle boss Steve Bruce is convinced that the team itself was the cause of their winter break that got shortened.

According to Sky Sports, when Bruce was asked if he had to change his plans for the allotted break, he said: “All of us have given the team a little bit of time off – that’s what the whole idea of it was.

“However, it’s not as long as we would like to give the players, but they’re still going to have four or five days off and have a long weekend, which is better than nothing.

“But that’s what we get for not winning the first one.”

“We’ve got no alternative because we are still missing seven or eight,” Bruce said when asked if he would field the strongest side available to him.

“The two lads who made their debuts (Rose and Lazaro), they both can’t play because they weren’t registered in time, but we will be as strong as we possibly can.

“Unfortunately, they weren’t signed before the actual first game, which is annoying. It would have been an ideal game for them. But we’ll just have to get them ready for Arsenal.”

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