Check out Mourinho’s best and weirdest excerpt from first presser as Spurs boss!

Check out Mourinho's best and weirdest excerpt from first presser as Spurs boss!

Jose Mourinho gave his first full presser for Tottenham Hotspur as manager last night.

Here is the best excerpt from the press conference. Jose revealing he wants no new signings!

“I told the players that one of the reasons I decided to come was them,” Jose told his debut press conference as Tottenham boss. “I tried to buy some of them for different clubs and couldn’t, some of them I didn’t even try because it was impossible. I am not just saying that now, I have said for years.

“I want to respect the base of work that they have done for five years, it is an update not a change. I am here to try and understand why the results in the last year in the Premier League were not good. I am not here to make dramatic changes and create confusion in their brains.

“I am going to be very careful.”

“I don’t need players. I am happy with the ones I have. I just need more time with them. I know them well from playing against them, but you never know them well enough.”

What is happening, football??

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