Dyche keen to keep all three goalkeepers at Burnley

Burnley boss Sean Dyche is keen to keep hold of all three goalkeepers.

“Popey is not quite fully fit yet but he’s been training with us for a long time now and he’s chomping, that’s for sure, to be ready to play,” said Dyche. “We’ll decide that over the next couple of days, but certainly his mentality is really clear. Tom’s come in and done well, Joe’s done well. Sometimes it can be unfortunate for ‘keepers and fortunate for the one coming in. What I mean by that is it is good goalkeeping, but also sometimes just that you do need a team in front of you to operate.”

“Tom has come in and the team has operated in front of him so I think that’s helpful as well. I like them all and it’s ‘who’s up for the task, who’s ready to play at any given time?’ That’s what I’m here to do, pick a team that can win games.” Asked whether or not he can see any of them going out on loan this month, Dyche replied: “We’ll see. There’s no reason to at the moment other than their reasons which is that they all want to play, of course.”

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