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Dyche says transfer market is unforgivable


Burnley boss Sean Dyche has complained about the insane numbers in the transfer market.

The English boss believes that such high numbers for player transfers mean that clubs like Burnley cannot even afford to enter the market without risking everything.

“It’s not like we are going to magic up £50m to go and sign who we want,” Dyche said. “I think predominantly the Championship is one of our markets. It’s hard enough trying to get players out of the Championship for what I call ‘real money’, as in normal, sensible sort of money. So you try the Premier League, and as you can imagine, it’s very, very difficult.”

“The market is very unforgiving. The numbers keep getting broken,” he added. “I think [James] Maddison was this year’s one. I think anyone who is anyone never expected it to be anywhere near that [£24m]. Not that he isn’t a fine player, because he is a fine player. Once one breaks the mould, and every club have got a player at least similar to that, they think ‘if he’s worth that, then he must be worth whatever.’

“It’s a really, really tough market. The problem is that people will pay it… and then the next level you get to us, and how do we get a player?”

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