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Emery says he is a different person when he loses


Unai Emery has opened up on life in England. His team currently occupy the fourth spot in the league table after overtaking Chelsea midweek.

Asked how he feels after a defeat, this is what he had to say. “Like when I push the players positively when we lose, I need a person around me to be positive for me. The first 24 hours after I lose the match I am not Unai Emery. Every time I am saying: ‘It is not good, it is not good.’ Usually 24 hours after, and when I watch the match again on video, is the moment I can stand up and continue to find a new ambition, and new motivation to do better.”

Speaking about the competitive league in England, Emery said, “It is competitive, and I love very much the atmosphere in each stadium, and when we play away there are a lot travelling with us, the Arsenal supporters. The atmosphere is very big, and the stadiums are full every match. We feel the big, special moments each match. In our own stadium and also when we are away because we are well supported.”

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