Fernandinho not making any retirement plans yet

fernandinho not making any retirement plans yet

Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho has no retirement plans yet.

The veteran player maybe in his thirties and that is usually when footballers hang up their boots. However, Fernandinho has no such plans.

“I just thank god for that because he gave me a body for it,” he said.

“Of course, I have to take care of myself, but the staff help take care of us.

“We have a really good team behind the scenes, and this helps us a lot. We prepare first the mind, then the body and then just go.

“I always say I will play until my mind allows me. If I am happy and motivated to train every day fresh, I will play, but I don’t want to say I will be 37, 38…we will see.”

“I feel good,” he added. “Of course, I have the help of my teammates and manager. It’s been great for me, trying to do my best as always since I signed for City.

“Sometimes you feel you have to improve a little bit – but that’s beauty of football. You can. Every morning, you can make it happen.”

“He is taking the chances we create,” he said. “That’s good because we create a lot.

“Most games we create a lot and the players we have know this.

“He gets it really well. He has improved a lot scoring goals.

“He grew up as a player and a person, has more experience now. It’s good for him and us.

“I hope he carries on growing and improving.”

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