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Gary Neville’s title verdict


Manchester United legend Gary Neville has passed his judgement on who he thinks should win the title.

“I hope towards the end of the season we get a title run-in,” said the former Manchester United and England captain in the Gary Neville podcast. “Man City are well ahead of Man Utd and they will fight for the title this season and it is the devil and the deep blue sea for Man Utd fans. In the last couple of weeks, and this is an interesting theory – do you want City to win back-to-back titles and begin a period of domination, which back-to-back titles can feel like?

“Or do you want Liverpool to win the title? A couple of friends of mine send a few weeks ago that they wanted Liverpool to win it and it was the first time I had heard a United fan say they wanted Liverpool to win it over City because they felt it would be a one-off.

“Whereas they felt if City won back-to-back titles, they could go on and win three or four. So they felt it would be better if City were damaged if Pep Guardiola only won one title in three years, rather than winning two in three years, than if Liverpool had their moment as they were always going to win one at one point.

“I reflected on it briefly and wondered if they were talking correctly and said, ‘No, I cannot accept it, come on Spurs!'”

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