Guardiola makes bold final day claim

Guardiola makes bold final day claim

After securing a slender win against Burnley, Pep Guardiola appeared pumped up and ready to take Manchester City over the line. Speaking after the match, he said;

“In the second half we had another level, and created three, four or five chances which isn’t easy against them – but we did it. There was a penalty not given, and we had other clear chances. We could have won by more but I’m so happy with the win. And now it’s two games left, we need to be calm until next Monday, and against Leicester we are going to get three more points to go to Brighton to win the league.”

He said: “We controlled the first half but the pitch was so dry, the grass was so long, and there were problems moving the ball. It was an idea of theirs but even with that we controlled things. After half-time we increased our desire to win, like at Old Trafford. But the way we played, I thought we would score. We knew we needed to go forward, don’t concede fouls or corners, and we created a lot of chances.”

With only two games remaining, this is turning out to be one of the best title races ever.

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