Guardiola urges Rose to fight racism from within

Guardiola urges Rose to fight racism from within

Pep Guardiola has urged Danny Rose to fight racism from within and not give up on his football career after the player’s latest comments.

“Danny Rose should not do that (retire)” he said. “I will tell him the best way to fight, to combat this kind of terrible situation is fighting, being there every day, because he is an extraordinary football player.”

Pep’s thoughts were agreed upon by Hodgson and he said, “It’s very disturbing that a player of that quality and the age he is makes that decision that racism is getting so bad and on top of him that he’s even considering leaving it all behind earlier than he should. I think the authorities will listen, but it shouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction in terms of what proposals we’re putting forward to deal with it. It should now be a very serious discussion. When the measures are put forward I will be strongly behind the players to make sure they get more protection than I feel they are getting at the moment. It would be a great tragedy if players of this quality are lost to the game of football.”

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