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Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021

Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021

Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021

Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021

Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021? Best Paid Footballers In England 2021? Footballers With Highest Salaries in England 2021? Who are the highest earning footballers in England 2021? We all know that Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe, Paul Pogba, David De Gea and Anthony Martial are some of the most paid football players in Europe. Messi and Ronaldo has for a long time been considered as the World’s Highest Paid Players in Football. However the Football scene is changing fast and the Chinese Super League has been aggressive lately and has been offering huge amount to attract some of the best Footballers to England.

England’s Highest Paid Players in Football 2021

Footballers With Highest Salaries in England 2021? The above made us wonder if Ronaldo, Pogba or David De Gea still makes it to the Top 10 Highest Earning Footballers in 2021. Is any of them England’s highest paid player 2021? Well, soon we will find out.

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Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021

Top 10 Highest Earning Footballers in England 2021

10. Anthony Martial – £250,000 p/w

Manchester United’s centre-forward opens the list of Highest Paid Footballers in England. Martial has been a key factor for Ole’s setup. The centre forward lost his charm in the last one year.

He scored four goals and three assists in United’s 2020/21 campaign where the club ended as the runner-ups. He was also ruled out of the France side ahead of Euro 2020 due to injury. He will stay until 2024 at Old Trafford and he is not making any plan to move somewhere.

9. Thomas Partey – £250,000 p/w

Thomas Partey came from Atletico Madrid in 2020 on a three-year deal with Arsenal. The central midfielder suffered two injuries within a month of domestic league appearances. He is yet to find a goal for the club due to injuries.

8. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – £250,000 p/w

Top 10 Fastest Football Players in the World 2022

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not playing enough matches in Premier League but his value to Arsenal is big. He signed a new deal at Etihad for the next three years. He was injured last season and was blighted with a malaria infection.

7. Paul Pogba – £290,000 p/w

Four years back, Paul Pogba was the Highest Paid Footballer in England but now moved to seventh in the list. Paul Pogba is surely finding a new home for him but if we don’t pick him then it would be wrong. He is still playing with United and has one year left at Old Trafford. He is mostly in news because of his transfer speculation.

The Frenchman is 28 years old and he adds value to Ole’s United. We saw some downfall in his performances but he was instrumental for Ole in season 2020/21 when the club finished second in the table.

6. N’Golo Kanté – £290,000 p/w

The Chelsea star find his name in the list of Highest Paid Footballers in England in 2021. The Frenchman plays as the defensive midfielder and he is also a potential Ballon d’Or winner. Chelsea had a terrific season with him and Kante should get all the credits.

The Blues won the Champions League title in 2021 and going stronger for the pursuit of the Premier League title. They are the main contender to take the title from City in 2021/22. Teammate Antonio Rudiger told an interviewer that “if you don’t like Kanté, then you’ve got problems”.

5. Raheem Sterling – £300,000 p/w

Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021 Raheem Sterling is the big name in the Man City squad. He had a terrific season with the club and national side. The English international scored four goals in England’s solid campaign at Euro 2020. The 26-year-old scored 10 goals and seven assists in the Premier League. He has two years left at Etihad.

4. Jack Grealish – £300,000 p/w

Another Man City player in the list and we can’t deny the brilliance of Grealish at Premier League. He has signed a six-year deal with Manchester City. He will add more value to Man City’s setup. Grealish has improved his game in the last few years and the 25-year-old player also took his nation into the final of Euro 2020.

3. David De Gea – £375,000 p/w

Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021

David De Gea is the highest paid goalkeeper in the world right now. He is the Highest Paid Player in Manchester United after Ronaldo. He kept nine clean sheets in 26 appearances in season 2020/21 when United finished second in the Premier League table. His club allowed him paternal leave last season to welcome the birth of his first daughter and Dean Henderson was added as the reliable replacement.

2. Kevin De Bruyne – £385,000 p/w

Kevin De Bryne was at the top of the list of Highest Paid Footballers in England before Ronaldo’s signing to United. Bruyne has been a standout performer for Man City and become a big player for the club since his move to Etihad. De Bruyne scored six goals and 12 assists in 26 Premier League appearances last term.

Man City won the previous season and they also made into the finals of the Champions League. He also helped his side to retain the EFL Cup trophy in 2021. His contract will expire in 2025 so he would be a big figure for City in the pursuit of a European title.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – £385,000 p/w

Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021

Who is the Highest Paid Footballers in England 2021?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Highest Paid Footballers in England 2021.

Cristiano Ronaldo made his second debut at Old Trafford in 2021’s summer transfer and become the biggest paid football player in England. His previous earnings put him ahead in this race. He recently bought a royal house in Manchester which is the most expensive house for any footballer in England.

United have made him their most expensive player in terms of salary, just ahead of the previous incumbent De Gea. The Portugues justified his salary cap and scored crunch goals for United in 2021/22.

Top 10 Highest earning footballers in England 2021? We prepared a list of the Top 10 highest paid footballers in England. Here it is. Enjoy!

(Per Week)
1RonaldoManchester United £385,000
2Kevin De BryneManchester City£385,000
3David De GeaManchester United  £375,000
4Jack Grealish Manchester City£300,000
5Raheem Sterling Manchester City£300,000
6.N’Golo Kante Chelsea FC£290,000
7Paul Pogba Manchester United£290,000
8Pierre-Emerick AubameyangArsenal £250,000
9Thomas Partey Arsenal£250,000
10 Anthony Martrial Manchester United£250,000

A few years ago the Top 10 Highest Earning Footballers in the World was mainly from Premier League. During 2017 three of the Top 10 Highest Earning Soccer Players are from Chinese Super League. One can just wonder what will happen after a few years.

Top 20 Highest Paid Footballers in 2021!

Here is the rest of the list of the highest paid soccer players. Enjoy!

(Per Week)
1Lionel MessiPSG £990,000
2Neymar PSG £606,000
3Luis Suarez Atletico Madrid£575,000
4Gareth BaleReal Madrid£500,000
5Oscar Shanghai SIPG£450,000
6Kylian Mbappe PSG£410,000 
7Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United£385,000
8Kevin de BruyneManchester City£385,000
9Bakambu Beijing Guoan £375,000
10David de Gea Manchester United£375,000

Only three players are from England and Premier League made it to the top 10 highest paid footballers in the world.

(Per Week)
11Antoine GriezmannAtletico Madrid£356,000
12Robert LewandowskiBayern Munich£350,000
13Jadon Sancho Manchester United£350,000
14Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal £350,000
15 Romelu LukakuChelsea £325,000
16Hulk Shanghai SIPG £320,000
17Kai Havertz Chelsea £310,000
18Raheem Sterling Manchester City£300,000
19Paul Pogba Manchester United £290,000
20Graziano Pelle Shandong Luneng£290,000


Highest Paid Footballers In England 2021

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