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How close were Arsenal to signing Zaha?

How close were Arsenal to signing Zaha?

Roy Hodgson has revealed that Arsenal fell way short in their bid for Wilfried Zaha.

‘Not very close at all as far as I know,’ Hodgson said. ‘I believe that the money that was offered which was widely reported was reasonably accurate, and of course that was way below our valuation.’

Hodgson said: ‘Time passed, so maybe their situation changed.

‘Maybe when they made the offer for Wilf their situation was x, and then possibly things happened during a period of time and their situation changed and maybe more money became available. I have no idea. I can’t speak for Arsenal, for their intentions.

‘If you really wanted to know how serious, how anxious they were to sign one of our players, they will have to answer the question.

‘But as far as Wilf is concerned, I think he needs to make certain that he gives his very best and shows off his talents every time he plays, because there are lots of teams out there looking for good players, and if he wants to attract one of those clubs, he needs to perform at the very highest level.

‘I don’t think the fact it is Arsenal will change his performance enormously – I would hope not, because I’m expecting his performance to be very good against all the teams we play.’

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