How much influence did Ferguson have on Neville?

How much influence did Ferguson have on Neville?

The coach of United States of America Women’s national team Jill Ellis has said that the influence of Sir Alex Ferguson is evident on Phil Neville’s coaching style.

“A lot of us are products of our environments and obviously he had a pretty good mentor there for a while,” Ellis said at a news conference to preview Tuesday’s last-four clash with England in Lyon.

“I’m not surprised [by Neville’s success]. In terms of managing a team, I think the team has made strides, you can see they’re playing hard, brought into what he wants them to do, I think he’s done a really good job.

“I haven’t seen Phil on the inside so I can’t speak to what he’s like in front of his team. My interactions have been purely professional, he conducts himself in a great way. I enjoyed our sideline conversations – he seems like a really genuine person.

“As it relates to Sir Alex, I grew up a Man United fan so I can’t speak enough about him as a manager, [he] brought the best out of his players, was ruthless at times.

“In that regard, having probably been around Sir Alex at an internal level… everybody affects us, everybody influences us, you take a little bit of that away.

“Some things you like, some things you don’t. In our lives we’re all affected by people we come in contact with so I’m sure that’s had the same effect.”

The Scot went on to add that even she was influenced by the great man.

“[He was] super gracious, charming, nice,” she added of the Scot. “It was a brief interaction but I’ve read his books and being a young Man United fan back in the day, I was all in!

“I think for me I’ve had a lot of different influences in my life. I’m a sum of all the parts. I think I’m authentic in who I am but I definitely think you grow and you learn from watching and speaking to other people in terms of the experiences you have.”

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