Jose admits Spurs did not deserve win

Mourinho admits Spurs did not deserve win

Tottenham Hotspur beat Southampton 3-2 in the replay of the FA Cup match.

However, Jose, the Spurs boss has admitted that his team did not deserve the win.

“I have to be honest, I think the best team lost. The best team on the pitch lost”, he said.

“But the team with more heart, the team with the players who went to their limits, the team that had so many difficulties even to build a team, a team that, on the bench, the options were not options to change the game, even Dele [Alli].

“In so difficult conditions, I think my team deserved to win. The best team lost, but my team deserved to win.”

When asked what tipped the fixture in his side’s favour, Mourinho said: “I think from the beginning I could feel immediately that in intensity level, condition and freshness, they were much stronger than us.

“We tried to organise a team with the players that we had available. We started with a back three with the two wing backs, [but] they controlled us well.

“The moment Dele comes in to the game we changed to a back four, also with Gedson on the right, is the moment where we improved”.

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