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KDB: Feels like first season under Pep

KDB: Feels like first season under Pep

If anyone thought Pep has gotten his players tired, step back – KDB has revealed he feels as fresh as ever!

He told Sky Sports’ Laura Woods: “This club takes every competition seriously. It doesn’t matter what competition we play, we play to win it and we’ve shown that whoever you’re playing in this competition, new players and maybe players who play a little less, are there to win the game. The guys have stepped up and done the job brilliantly. Props to having a really good team of 25 players.

“It is the first trophy you can win and it is a trophy. I know people say it’s the smallest competition but at least if you don’t win anything else, you’ve won something. There are a lot of players who play a lot of games in their career and haven’t won one competition, even the Carabao Cup.

He said: “We’re performing well but we’ve lost too many points. It feels a bit like the first season with Pep where we were playing good football but we were making too many errors.

“There are games where you think you are fully in control and then the last five or 10 minutes, we basically gave it away and in this period where Liverpool are not dropping any points, every point you drop is too much. Even if we did better, I think the way Liverpool are performing this year and winning basically everything, they deserve to win and be champions again.

“I don’t think there is a level of frustration with Liverpool because you just have to applaud what they are doing. It’s also the same as what we had for the last two years – if you have that many points and win that many games, there’s not a lot the opposition can do and I know they’re just going to control what they do themselves.

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