Mourinho suffers identity crisis on Dele Alli

Mourinho suffers identity crisis on Dele Alli

Jose Mourinho is on Mission Dele Alli!

José Mourinho had a question for Dele Alli, the Spurs midfielder, who has long since mislaid his best form. “I asked him if he was Dele or Dele’s brother,” Mourinho says. “He told me he was Dele. ‘OK,’ I said. ‘Play like Dele.’”

The player had previously insulted Mourinho by saying he never would want to play for Jose. However, Jose sees that as a positive sign. How?

“When I changed from União de Leiria to Porto mid-season [in 2002], I’d played against Porto a couple of months earlier,” Mourinho says. “One of the Porto players – and I have no problems saying his name because he laughs about this all the time – was Deco. For 90 minutes I insulted him and he insulted me. Big, big insults. Then I walked into the Porto dressing room and he had his head down on his hands. I went there and we talked. If it was true about Dele [and the tweet], I would be happy.”

“One thing is the end product, another is the moment you start,” Mourinho says. “I’m going to make some tactical ticks but not incredible changes. I’m not going to try to be Einstein. I want to play offensive football but winning matches, not offensive football and don’t win a match for 10 or 11 months. But yes, attacking football. You are not going to see Harry Kane playing left-back.”

Can Jose bring back the best in Tottenham?

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