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Paul Pogba advised to keep his head down and play at Old Trafford

Paul Pogba advised to keep his head down and play at Old Trafford

Bryan Robson has advised Paul Pogba to keep playing for Manchester United.

“You’re a Manchester United player, you’re contracted to them so you have to give everything for the club, the team and the fans,” said Robson, who won eight trophies in a 13-year spell at Old Trafford.

“There’s a lot of speculation in the media about Paul. He is a top player.

“Get your head down, do your pre-season as well as you can – which, from what I’ve seen in the training sessions, he has done – and if something happens and the club want it to happen, or nothing happens then you’ve got to get on with it.”

Asked for his thoughts on these players’ failure to report for pre-season training, Robson added: “I think players are influenced far too much by their agents – instead of making their own decisions.

“Sometimes maybe you want some advice on who to sign for and when to move, but at the end of the day, you’re your own person and you can show the path that you want to follow in your career. And I don’t think many players do that – they’re always taking advice from their agents.

“Agents want players to move on because they make money. If a player is loyal to a club and stays there, the agent doesn’t make as much money. I think that’s a big influence not just at Manchester United, but all over the game.

“I think players should sometimes take a good look at themselves in the mirror and make what they want to of their career.”

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