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Pellegrini backs motivated Nasri


West Ham United boss Manuel Pellegrini has backed returning star Samir Nasri to perform for the Hammers.

West Ham have given Nasri a way back to football after an 18 month break and Pellegrini has backed the Frenchman to perform.

He has been training with us for a month, he is looking very well, he lost weight,” Pellegrini said. “And I think that football is like when you ride a bicycle when you are a small boy, you never forget. Samir is a very technical player and I am sure he will play in the same way as he did before. I trust in him a lot. I suppose because he knows that this is revenge for him, he is motivated, working hard and he has a lot of quality and I am absolutely sure he will be a player that makes a difference.”

“I don’t want to talk about whether it was his fault or not his fault. He was involved,” Pellegrini added. “I have known Samir Nasri since I was at Manchester City. He was a top player in the first year, one of the reasons we won the title was because of him. After speaking to him for a long time about what he was thinking about for the future, I decided to give him an option here at West Ham. He worked very hard to be considered and now that’s why he has signed his contract and now he has to demonstrate it on the pitch. But mentally, he is another player with a lot of experience. That part of his life, for Nasri it has passed.”

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