Pep Guardiola backs Arteta to get into management

Pep Guardiola backs Arteta to get into management

Pep Guardiola has backed Mikel Arteta to enter management now.

Asked if he would recommend Arteta as his successor, Guardiola had told Sky Sports News prior to the match against Manchester United: “He is able to do that, but it depends on him, the club – many things that I cannot decide.”

Guardiola had said: “He is ready (to be a manager). I’m not a guy that puts a gun to the heads of my staff or players and says what they have to do.

“We are human beings and everyone has dreams and desires. Hopefully he can stay this season and the next one – as long as possible in this club.

“That would be my dream, but Mikel has his own life and I will never say what he has to do. I arrived here and we were in touch about working together and the time we have spent together has been magnificent.

“I tried to help him and he has helped me a lot. He knows what I want and what the club wants.”

Guardiola had said: “No. He travelled to Burnley and tomorrow he will be close to me again against (Manchester) United.”

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