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Pep Guardiola launches into fanatical rant after City get ban overturned

Pep Guardiola launches into fanatical rant after City get ban overturned

Pep Guardiola has outdone himself after it was revealed that CAS had overturned UEFA’s decision to ban Manchester City from participating in European football.

He launched into a rant, dragging through the mud the names of Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, admitting he is nothing without money and staunchly defending the actions of the rich Arab owners, who are less than in the clear and only won the case because UEFA hired below standard lawyers.

This is what Pep Fraudiola, beg your pardon, Guardiola had to say:

“Incredibly happy for the (CAS) decision which shows what all the people said about the Club was not true and to defend on the pitch what we won on the pitch. Like I said many times, if we did something wrong we would accept the decision of UEFA and CAS because we did something wrong. We can defend ourselves. We have the right to defend ourselves when we believe what we have done is correct.

It would be nice (for people to stop criticising), but I don’t think so. What happened in the last years, how many people came whispering on us. I would love to say, look in our eyes and say something face to face and go out onto the pitch and play as rivals and after if you beat us, we will shake hands and congratulate them. They lost off the pitch. They have to go on the pitch and beat us, that’s sport.

We can play in the #UCL next season because what we have done is right, is proper.

Now is not the time (to talk about contracts). We have one month in front of us. One more year is a long, long time for a manager. I  was happy before and I am now. We have time to talk about this.

My personal situation was clear, I said a month ago, I will stay, it doesn’t matter if I was in the #UCL. Some people in England suggested we should have been in League 2. I would have stayed here.

We have made a step forward in 10 years. We invested a lot of money, like a lot of clubs. We did it the right way. We have not been banned because we followed the FFP rules. If we hadn’t we would have been banned.

Like we have done for the last few years, we are going to try and win on the pitch. The people cannot forget, we were damaged. We showed it was not true. That’s why people have to be happy or should at least accept, because we should complain and we’ve not complained.

I love this club. I love this club because know the people working for a long time, We have our history. I love it. I like to work with the people I’m working with.

When we do something wrong, I am the first to say we have to apologise or accept the punishment, but it wasn’t the case – it was not the case. I don’t want to apologise for anything. Manchester City don’t have to apologise.

Three independent judges decided we have done everything properly. It’s clear. So of course, I am going to defend my Club.

And I am critical of my Club. Internally when I do not like something, I say it to my chairman. And my chairman is not happy with me if we finish 23 or 21 points behind Liverpool, but we discuss it internally.

I’m a good manager but I don’t win titles if I don’t have good players and good players are expensive, Being a good manager like I am, I’m not good enough without good players. No way.

I am humble enough to accept that without my players I am nothing. Zero. That’s why I need my players. Have we spent more in the decade than in the past? Yes.

A lot of clubs invest. Manchester United and Arsenal in periods before when they won the leagues, they invested more than the others, Chelsea too when they won the league, they invested more money than the other ones.

All the clubs spend a lot of money. Barcelona, Real Madrid spend a lot of money, English teams spend a lot of money. But we have built a club in terms of the past decade to compete with the elite in Premier League and Champions League.

And 20 years ago, Arsene Wenger spent a lot of money to be there as did Alex Ferguson at United. All the clubs spent a lot of money to be there. All the clubs want to be on top. For that I need the club to be financially strong – like a lot of clubs – to do it. Of course, we make mistakes. But we can spend as much money as our chairman or owners want but always, always in the FFP rules.”

Yup, he said the whole darn thing.

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