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Pep Guardiola uninterested in United-Pool clash

Pep Guardiola uninterested in United-Pool clash

Liverpool vs Manchester United is a big game. However, Pep Guardiola is the least bit interested.

“The reality is we are far away,” Guardiola said ahead of Saturday’s clash with Crystal Palace. “We accept the reality – they’ve won 20 games and they’d be leading all the leagues around the world, not just our league.

“It would be nice to be focused on Zaha, Ayew and Crystal Palace. And then Tuesday we have Sheffield United.

“Being so far away means it’s not interesting to look at what Liverpool do.

“It’s better to focus on what we can improve for the rest of the season in the Premier League and other competitions.”

“What happens to champions, the year after when they didn’t have the challenge to be champions? They give up,” he said. “They finish 12th or 10th or fifth and don’t qualify for the Champions League.

“But still we are fighting – far away because the opponent is exceptional.

“That is an incredible compliment for my players and I’m incredibly proud of them for this detail. Now we are second and we must win the next one and the next one to secure qualification for the Champions League next season.”

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