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Pep impressed by Mendy

Pep impressed by Mendy

Pep Guardiola is in no mood to joke now.

The Manchester City boss cuts a frustrated figure as he sees his team fall further and further behind every week behind Liverpool.

He is however, happy with the performance of one man; Benjamin Mendy.

The full back made a return from injury only lately and has been extremely consistent in his short stint at the fitness run for City.

“Yeah, today he played really good,” the City boss declared.

“His decisions in final third were good. He played a good game, put in good crosses.

“He plays after two seasons injured, so his physical condition is getting better.

“The game demanded the crosses. The intention was to get people in the box.

“In the end the crosses were well delivered, especially on the left with Mendy.”

Pep also stressed on the fact that Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte needs time as he is close to a return from injury.

“We cannot expect Aymeric to solve all the problems,” he said. “It has to be everyone.

“He is getting better. Tomorrow [Sunday] the doctor will evaluate him. But after four, five months he will need time.”

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