PL planning return in June – talks in advanced stages!

PL planning return in June - talks in advanced stages!

The Premier League was temporarily called off back in the second week of March.

The decision came after Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi and Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta were tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. The CoVID-19 has spread like wildfire in the last couple of months and has Europe is one of the worst affected places.

There are over 500,000 cases from Europe alone and the situation has gotten real. Initially, the league had only suspended its play till April 3 which was extended, upon review to April 30th. The decision was re-calibrated yet again last week when the Premier League in their full statement announced that in no possible way the games would be resuming at least up until the early days of May.

While the decision is exactly what is needed to fight off the novel CoVID-19, there are financial implications which will also affect lives of several thousand if not millions in the coming future. The global nature and the popularity of the league alone means that the PL chiefs have to first, of course respect the planet’s effort to fight the disease and follow every rule and secondly, they have to constantly be on their toes to rethink as to when they can start the league back as it affects lives of plenty as well.

It is in that light, that reports have emerged that the Premier League has decided against attempting to do anything in May and are contemplating a situation where they can restart football in June. The reports also state that the PL chiefs have been in talks with the Government with the decision who are considering the idea seriously and in all likelihood will give it the go-ahead unless things spiral way out of hand in the coming weeks.

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