Poch admits Spurs are low on confidence

Poch admits Spurs are low on confidence

Tottenham Hotspur are on a wretched run. They have lost and drawn most of their matches this season. Pochettino has admitted that his team are on a bad run and need the win at Goodison Park against Everton to feel better.

“We need to be positive, feel that positivity and make us believe that we can beat any team,” Pochettino told reporters at the training ground on Friday.

“At the moment we struggle with our confidence, we drop a lot. That’s only time. The most important thing is how we’re going to finish, it’s not this moment.

“(Last season) is a good memory but we want to win. Any result is going to be good for us.”

“We know very well it is our responsibility to deliver a very good job and very good performance on Sunday against a very good team like Everton trying to win because it’s going to be the best medicine to fix all,” Pochettino said.

“Being honest, I am not happy. But I accept it as I always defend the national team and back the decision of the national team as I was a player and know what it feels to play,” he said.

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