Pochettino tells what he thinks of Trippier

Pochettino tells what he thinks of Trippier

In reply to some fiery words from Kieran Trippier, Mauricio Pochettino has chosen to stay calm and move on from the incident in the issue of the player being kicked out of Tottenham.

When asked about Kieran’s interview, Poch said: “I didn’t see it, but I heard about it. I can explain how I feel. We had a conversation where he explained he was going to move to Atletico Madrid – okay nothing more.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) when Harry Kane arrived back he said to me ‘did you get Kieran’s text?’ I said ‘no’ because I changed my number. Maybe because he doesn’t have the new number.

“Because he (Trippier) believe his words were twisted – I don’t know nothing more. Kieran translated this message to me through Harry Kane. He wanted to tell me. But I’ve got no problem with Kieran.

“In football decisions happen and players move from one club to another. What happened, happened and we need to move on and he needs to think of Atletico Madrid and be happy there.

“There’s no point to talk about if something happened or didn’t happen. The reality is one reality, but who is right in all this process? There’s no point to talk. But I keep very good memories from him.”

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