Pochettino urges Spurs to adopt this mentality

Pochettino urges Spurs to adopt this mentality

As Mauricio Pochettino’s five year reign at Tottenham comes to a pause at the end of this season, the Spurs coach has urged his team to start behaving like a big club because of their ambition.

“I think we’re going to have time to talk,” he said. “Now we’re so focused on trying to finish the season but if you ask me if we can repeat next season, I cannot guess.

“I said to you all that when we finish the season I think it’s a moment to close a five-year chapter, to analyse, to talk a lot and to give the real value of that period. It was amazing.

“The problem is, what do we want for the next chapter of the club? Now we’ve finished the training ground, finished the stadium, what does the club want to achieve in the next one, two, three, four or five years and what are the fans going to expect from the club?

“There are many things to talk about and put on the table. We cannot live like we have lived in the last five years – on the perception side and on the reality side.

“We achieved a lot of things. We overachieved maybe. Because of our ambition, the way that we work and many things we can praise, we’re here now in a very good position. But what next? We need to fight for big things, behave like a big club and do things properly.”

When asked about transfers, he said,  “I cannot guess (what will happen) because it’s a club decision. One question the other day in a press conference was ‘the depth of the squad is not at the quality of the new stadium’. If we start next season talking about that, nothing good is going to happen in the future.

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