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5 good reasons to ignore the Hazard leaving rumours!


  5. Selling Hazard may see Conte leave

The Express…the same paper that are spreading rumours that Hazard will start talks with Real Madrid have now just released the following statement….

‘Antonio Conte tells Roman Abramovich NOT to sell Eden Hazard’

If Hazard goes Roman…then I go too!

The implications of this are massive. ‘The Evening Standard’ are reporting that Conte’s contract extension talks are on hold until the Hazard situation is finalised. Conte sees the Belgian as crucial to his plans and future at Stamford Bridge.

‘The Express’ are now backtracking to the point where they are now saying that Hazard will definitely not leave and Abramovich will block any attempt to lure Hazard away from Chelsea!

I think you can safely say now the Hazard rumour is history….now Neymar to Real Madrid…… let’s pick up on that again!


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