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Mourinho… not the ‘special one’ anymore!


So you wake up to mainstream media and you see so much sympathy for Mourinho!

The poor guy was called a Judas for no apparent reason! He was apparently sworn at too! Oh my god how awful to think a stadium full of football fans would swear! The ex-Chelsea boss is their greatest achiever in terms of honours without doubt. He won three Premier League titles in two spells at Chelsea and he reminded Chelsea fans of this with his hand gesture. How could Chelsea fans treat their ex-boss like that!

Three titles and that’s how you treat me!


He wasn’t booed when he led his United team out at Stamford Bridge in October for the league match back then. Instead he was warmly welcomed by many fans and players. Many embraced him before the kick off and others shook his hand. However, Mourinho was as usual his own enemy. At the end of the game his now well documented attack on Conte’s celebrations was the starting point for Chelsea fans to slowly lose their fondness for their old boss. Don’t disrespect the new Chelsea boss even if you are ‘currently’ the most successful manager in Chelsea’s history.

Mourinho telling Conte not to celebrate too much!

In the build up to this game it was classic Mourinho mindgames. As soon as the draw was made last month Mourinho was at it. He was gathering excuses already in case they lost. Mourinho said United would have to play 4 or 5 more games than Chelsea before they would meet. So what, that’s what you call success no….isn’t that what every team wants! Ask Liverpool fans if they could start the year all over again and still be fighting in every competition. They would take it without question.

Then came Mourinho’s attacks on Chelsea’s defensive style of play. It’s true Chelsea have the best defence. They have only conceded 20 goals as also Spurs have too. But then they have a great creative attacking front line too. They have scored 57 goals in the league compared to United’s poor return of only 39 goals. Even Bournemouth have scored more goals than United!

On Friday Mourinho claimed his squad was stronger than Conte’s. While Conte was keeping cool and professional and insisting his focus was only on the game, Mourinho kept on with the school playground taunting. Even before kick off Mourinho was still playing childish games. It was reported that United had no recognise striker for the game. With Ibrahimovic suspended and Rooney injured, Rashford was reported to be sick. As the teams ran out on the pitch last night who should be there for United…Rashford of course!

At the end of the day you can probably sympathize with Mourinho. He completely lost the plot at Chelsea last season. He benched Hazard, Chelsea’s best player too many times and fought openly with the team doctor. His embarrassing decline gave Chelsea their worse season in recent times. What must have really hurt Mourinho though was, the transformation that happened when in came new boss Conte. He had virtually the same team as Mourinho, except for Kante. He then turns them into a title winning, hugely entertaining and successful team almost overnight..(overnight, being the night that Chelsea lost 3-0 to Arsenal back in September).

The ‘Special One’ needs to tread carefully. He is slowly becoming the ‘hated one’ at Chelsea and if he does, that will only be down to Mourinho’s own doing. At Chelsea old heroes are treated well unless they disrespect the club. Drogba came back to Chelsea in a Champions league match while playing for Galatasaray and was treated like a king. Frank Lampard was treated almost as well when he turned out for Manchester City, despite going to a rival club. On the other hand Rafa Benitez was not welcomed fully when he came to manage Chelsea four years ago because of his Liverpool connections and criticisms of Chelsea.

Conte loses patience with Mourinho’s foul play!

Yesterday United set out to kick Hazard and other Chelsea players out of the game. If Mourinho thinks that will keep him dear to the fans hearts then he needs to think again. Maybe he thinks Hazard was one of the players that supposedly turned against him last season, but for whatever reason, ex-Chelsea boss or not, no players should have to endure the kind of treatment dished out by United last night. Conte was furious. His going at Mourinho in defence of Chelsea players will only endear Conte more into his fans hearts. There’s no mind games on Conte, it’s more honest passion!

Conte may be celebrating the title next month already!

Next month there could be another massive body blow for Mourinho. Chelsea go to Old Trafford for a league match. If results continue to go well for Chelsea they could be running out as newly crowned Premier League champions! Will Mourinho do a guard of honour if that happens? Somehow I don’t think so!





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