Wayne Bridge ‘Embarrassed’ By The Money Chelsea Paid For Him

After having what most would call a highly commendable career, ex Chelsea and Manchester City defender, Wayne Bridge, certainly doesn’t miss the life he left behind when he retired from professional football three years ago.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Bridge gave an honest assessment of where his priorities lie now: “When I stopped playing, I stepped away from it entirely. I spent time with my family”.

During his 14 year spell in the premier league Bridge was the subject of two high profile moves, looking back Bridge now feels embarrassed by the lucrative sums his services commanded.

The combined fee for both Chelsea and Manchester City came to a relatively moderate £17 million, it does not sit well with Bridge: “People … say you are not worth it and that’s why I say it’s embarrassing. I’m just that kind of person I suppose. Maybe some people love being in that position, but I felt it was embarrassing to be earning that much.”

Speaking about the current transfer market Bridge said: “Where will the transfer market go? I just don’t know. The whole thing has gone crazy, but you cannot see it stopping any time soon.

It depends how many more billionaires come in and buy football clubs I suppose. If they keep turning up and TV money keeps rolling in, the crazy fees and wages will continue”.

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