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Frank Lampard linked with a move back to English Football | But not Chelsea!


Frank Lampard has been linked with a questionable move to Championship leaders Brighton & Hove Albion.

Once again this is another story that cannot be officially confirmed, but let’s proceed anyway.

So this is the real deal, Both Sky Bet and BetVictor have Brighton as favourites to be the next club for Frank. The odds on SkyBet for Lampard to join Albion are 9/4, with BetVictor offering 2/1.

So of course every media outlet is jumping on this as 100% solid news, when in fact they are just great betting odds, a scenario if you will , to punt upon, nothing more.

Mainstream Media outlets are Idiots and the sites that copy them, are Morons.

Anyway, unlike them, I wont BS you, the truth is there is no official source, IE, clubs, players, manager, agents, etc, confirming this.

What I want to know is:

  1. How did you get to the conclusion Brighton is his possible destination?
  2. Can anyone produce ANY evidence AT ALL?, even just one piece, not 10, just ONE
  3. Why do so many people still follow these clowns?

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