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Guardiola warns Manchester City to avoid any slip-up in the league


Guardiola warns Manchester City to avoid any slip-up

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has said that if his team slip up one more time in this title race, then Liverpool will win the league most probably.

The gap at the top of the table is currently four points in favour of the Reds ahead of the next round of fixtures. Though, the Champions will have a chance to put extreme pressure on their rivals by playing Newcastle United a day before them.

Liverpool play Leicester City on Wednesday, while City entertain the Magpies tomorrow night.

Speaking to news conference, Guardiola said: “In both situations, whether we play later or earlier, the only chance we have is to win the games,” Guardiola said. “If not it will be almost over.

“Every game for us is a final, in the cup competitions every game is also a final.

“What should we do playing first? We have to win. What should we do when playing after? We have to win.”

Pep expects Newcastle to be very deep defensively and have a ploy of hitting on the counter.

He added: “From our experience in the last two seasons with Newcastle, with my colleague (Benitez), it was always tough.

“I can imagine that is going to happen tomorrow because they defend really well. But, at the same time, I also have the feeling with this kind of defence we attack better.

“We know the process. We have played many times against this kind of defence and we can control our own counter-attacks and concede few set-pieces, and attack more fluently.”

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